Emotional Instrumentals


The story behind this ring. "What kind of person will wear it?"

Emotionally savvy listeners might be inspired by the thoughtful, empowering message sent out in waves. Artists find themselves eager to pick up a pen while facing who they are and exploring where they go next. If you need to think more creatively so that inspiration moves through you more quickly then it's time for Emotional Instrumentals.

For us, quality is a crucial component for the success of our business, for that we consider it 100% our first priority we focus on before anything else.


First, we always want to exceed the expectations of our clients, giving them the most exotic and glamorous experience ever.

Second, our jewelry designs are made to be your symbol of Independence and self-expression, for that, they have to be art pieces you can wear every day with peace in mind. Our metals are always safe, nickel-free, and hypo-allergenic. iVORIYA designs are life-proof, so you can wear them with confidence.

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Customer Reviews

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Destiny Metz

So pretty!!

Kaden Lynch

Very pretty!!

Nathanael Kiehn

Wow very very nice, so beautiful you are great

Lizeth Denesik

Had nothing but a great experience from start to finish with Ivoriya. I got my order within one week. It turned out awesome!! I highly recommend this company to anyone that is looking for that special gift.

Asa Hoppe


We firmly believe we are the first and only Jewelry brand that is created for every Inspiring female artist seeking for a revolutionary world, We drive our daily efforts to serve the art world and become the self-expressive reference for female artists all over the world.

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