Anxious Pixie Dream


For the dreamers with anxiety, nervous knots, and those who fluctuate between awful nights of restlessness versus pure creativity. Anxious Pixie Dream is the one necklace to make blossoming creativity happen. Let one remind you that it's okay to be anxious at times..! A little motivation for women going in 100 different directions can only do wonders; reminding them all about what they have together: laughs, eager hopes, determination. It might also serve as encouragement for being just a bit more successful because really? You always are.

An imposing gold plated necklace with the shape of a heart comes in both gold and steel.

Wear this when going into unfamiliar territory, start over again and again without worry- Anxious Pixie Dream pays homage artistically but encourages cultivating an optimistic mindset too

For us, quality is a crucial component for the success of our business, for that we consider it 100% our first priority we focus on before anything else.


First, we always want to exceed the expectations of our clients, giving them the most exotic and glamorous experience ever.

Second, our jewelry designs are made to be your symbol of Independence and self-expression, for that, they have to be art pieces you can wear every day with peace in mind. Our metals are always safe, nickel-free, and hypo-allergenic. iVORIYA designs are life-proof, so you can wear them with confidence.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Vance Gleason

The aesthetic is just my vibe, I love it

Orlando Labadie

I had en excellent experience with the company and highly recommend it. The purchase was easy and smooth and the products I bough are of great quality.

Elyssa Gleichner
my experience

The shipping and the delivery is really good. Quality product really good

Nigel Haley

I ordered more things from IVORIYA and my experience was even better than my last one. I ordered 2 things separately and one of them was back-ordered, however, both items still arrived on the same day within a week and in perfect condition.

Asa D'Amore

Absolutely love my jewellery. One of my all time favourite purchases! Great design, quality and value and brilliant customer service. Now not to hand all my money over to Ivoriya...

We firmly believe we are the first and only Jewelry brand that is created for every Inspiring female artist seeking for a revolutionary world, We drive our daily efforts to serve the art world and become the self-expressive reference for female artists all over the world.

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