At IVORIYA, we are religiously committed to empowering our female artists community by:

- Always improving our designs to make the finest exotic, rare bold statement jewelry pieces, for you to have that feeling of Independence and self-expression wearing them.

Huge part of our profits yearly go to thousands of female artists all around the world to support them financially, culturally, emotionally, etc.

- Creating impactful and valuable content for our audience to strengthen them, and spread the name “IVORIYA” as an honest brand with a vision and core values that will create a better world for every female artist.

- Collaborating with influencer artists from all the ranges, you will never find us only working with the most known public figures and not with new adopters, our system is honest, each time we notice someone who shares our vision, we do it.

Much more: you’ll always find us doing significant actions for the female art community, daily questioning ourselves how can we do more and make greater impact.

We are promising to support female artists towards unleashing Independence and self-expression sustainably.