IVORIYA was born and stands today for one single cause: empowering each and every female artist in the world.

If you are one, welcome among us.

For years we've been repeatedly noticing how mediocre the support of society to us, we are female artists that are rebellious cause of the damage that has been done to us, suffering emotionally, mentally, financially, physically and much more. There is a huge discrimination going on in the art industry to female artists, that pushes some of us even to the point where they choose to make their most loved passion as a plan B in life for them to take another job that they really don't feel themselves in as their plan A.

Today, IVORIYA is our power to say no to this! And to say yes for change..

Wear your IVORIYA pieces today and everyday, there are huge moves that we will keep taking along the way towards our vision.

Our power is Unity, join us, we need you.

No matter what kind of art you do, no matter how well you are known, no matter how did you get into art, wether you are a self-taught or professional, this is a place for you.

Welcome to IVORIYA, and thank you so much for everything.