IVORIYA stands for one single purpose.

From day one. Our mission is Empowering female artists by designing rare, bold statement jewelry pieces for them to wear every day as their symbol of independence and self-expression.

Jewelry is the nearest material thing to the human body, more than anything else, even naked in the shower you can still be wearing it, we believe that it can mean whatever your want whenever you want.

at IVORIYA, we consider our Jewelry Designs as our symbol of Independence and self-expression for us female artists, wear it everyday as our secret source of power. We reward ourselves with it for the good and amazing work we do in this world, and keep it forever.

Defeating the norms of brands working with Artists just to create Jewelry for people, we are dedicated to designing art Jewelry by female artists for female artists.

We Are Heading Towards A Vision

We are aiming to be the leading brand that acts for a world where every female artist is a symbol of Independence and self-expression.

We love every single one of you. 

Thank you so much for the beautiful art you create as a female in this world.

Welcome among us.


ART: Art is all around us, it’s that thin layer existing between our eyes and soul that gives us the ability to give meaning to things, it doesn’t have a shape nor can’t really be defined. Artists are the ones who are aware of it and feel its existence, and they do their best daily to create beautiful paintings, music, theater, etc. We are grateful for its existence, and as there is no real shape or definition for it, we can’t stop ourselves from daily enjoying its mystery.

INSPIRATION: IVORIYA started with a $100 budget. Not like big companies with huge funding, our power was art and creativity in our work. We had to take the hard but most fulfilling road, of spending endless hours of brainstorming and executing every aspect of the business. We are artists and we were brave enough to embrace the journey while all the odds were against us. While this is a crucial factor for artists to follow their passion and not conform to the standards of how you should make your living in this world, we want our brand to be the inspiration for all the artists to never stop and always try once again. That’s our power, the more IVORIYA grows, the more we inspire our art community of how big they can grow. We love you, and we want you to make that breakthrough in your artsy soul.


IMPACT: Making an impact is one of our number one priorities in our business, we are doing that by taking into consideration that all our messaging on social channels, IRL, etc. should be concise, to the point, serious, educational, and motivating for us to be able to shape the world to the way we want it to be. We get beautiful energy from doing this too, doing genuine positive actions in this world, will give you much more back.

UNITY: Unity is the most important component that we hold dear, why? Cause without you there is no us. We need you, all of you, we need your voice, your will for change, your energy to bring our vision to life, we want to create a world where every female artist is a symbol of independence and self-expression. We can’t do it without you, you can’t do it without us. We should be united.


SUSTAINABILITY: Scaling IVORIYA sustainably, we are looking beyond making profits. We mostly want to create a sustainable world for every female artist to live in with confidence, creativity, and uniqueness. We are working daily to keep iVORIYA standing for you, supporting you, and going beyond limits for the seek of arts. Starting from sourcing ethical and environment-friendly materials to taking action for a worldwide positive impact.